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2021 Schedule

September 11th: Fall semester begins in the Online classroom.
November 25 & 27 : School close (Thanksgiving break)
December 22st: Fall semester ends with Class Presentation

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$ 100 for  for semester. ($80 for second)
$ 180 for  for year.
• Registration fee includes school T-shirt and textbooks
• Classes available at all levels.

2021 가을학기 등록비:
첫쨰: $100   둘째:$80 일년:$180 ($150)

• 등록비에는 학교 티샤츠와 교재비가 포함됩니다.
•  모든 레벨의 수업이 가능합니다.

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2021Fall Semester
semester: $100 (second:80, year180)

*Registration fee includes textbooks, school materials, and school T-shirts.

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