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Principal of School's Welcome,

Hello Friends !

Thank you for your interest in our KCul Korean Cultural School.

Kcul Academy teaches Korean Language (Speaking & Writing),

Songs, Culture, Drama, Foods and much more.

Kcul Academy maintains small class sizes to be sure our students

get the individual time and attention that they need to learn.

Our curriculum includes classes for native Korean speakers and

also for those native English speakers who are interested in Korean as a second language, with our bi-lingual classes conducted in both Korean and English.

Classes are held weekly on Wednesdays, according to the Kcul Academy Korean school calendar from September to May at the Upper Merion Middle School in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.


We will open a campus in New York beginning in the fall of 2019.
The New York campus' classes are held every Saturday from 9: 00-12: 30, divided into the beginner, child and adult classes.


Jian Seol

​Principal of School




We are a non-political, not-for-profit organization devoted to introduce Korean language, art, food, music and culture to the general public by operating a Korean School and to promote a multi-cultural society by actively participating in community events that endorse ethnic diversity.


The Kcul Foundation supports the Kcul Korean Cultral School. Kcul Korean School is a member of National Association for Korean Schools, Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

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